The relationship between chat and conversion rate

The chat systems today are channels often available in the websites and used more and more by people who browse the web. The chat seems to be certainly one of the easiest ways to get information and answers in real-time and to maintain a contact during the purchase process.

The chat and online purchases are strongly connected: over 60% of customers that use a live chat says it would buy again from a site that offered this service and this shows that the sense of support offered by this tool has a positive effect (almost 40%) on the purchase phase.
Indeed the most “delicate” moment for a customer who is buying is exactly the time of the finalization of purchase: the live chat this way helps to mitigate the sense of danger that can feel every time he buys online.

The chatbots compared to live chat, definitely have much less impact on the costs for Customer Care and are very efficient tools. First, they can autonomously respond to a standard set of questions that are the most frequent asked questions. Also they provide a service 24 hours a day, 7 days out of 7, covering those time slots that may not be covered by real operators.

The relationship between the chat channel, whether human (live) or virtual (bots), and conversion rate is indisputable: the chat should not be seen only as a tool to provide support, but also to make up-selling, to improve the customer experience, to acquire leads.
The Direct Interaction System Engagent, is a hybrid chat tool that allows to communicate with the users through a human team, supported by the potential of virtual assistance. Engagent is designed to enhance user interaction with the brand and enables proactive widgets, that can be activated on the basis of particular navigation rules or according to user behavior.