All organisations need to work (well), regardless of the contexts and markets they operate in. Today, more than ever, several studies and statistics are focused on this aspect, demonstrating how communication and inter- and intra-company collaboration are increasingly linked to business performance, making the difference in terms of market competitiveness and internal innovation.

This emphasis on corporate communication and collaboration is stronger today than in previous years for two main reasons: company resources, such as employees, collaborators, suppliers and customers are increasingly spread out geographically (partly due to new smart working policies); and current technology such as social networks, instant chat and video calling services have profoundly changed the way people communicate, making it faster and more flexible. As a result, employees and customers, especially younger people, have high expectations in terms of the introduction of these technologies into the business arena, both internally and externally.

The most dangerous phrase in the language is: We’ve always done it this way.


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    Teammee, PAT's Social Collaboration platform, is the solution that raises your working environment performance in terms of internal communication and collaboration, employee engagement and management of company activities and knowledge. Teammee tools allow people to support the new organisational culture centred on new approaches based on managing talent for objectives and empowerment. Teammee incorporates the logic of social networks into your company, to improve and optimise your work.


    Optimise the mechanisms of internal communication and collaboration between people, to save company time and costs. Encourage the growth of ideas and development of cross-field relationships independently from hierarchies.

    Update your methods of employee engagement providing new levers and incentives that are truly effective, especially for members of the new generation who have different expectations and inclinations.

    Measure and manage your colleagues’ performance to get the most from every available resource, and evaluate corporate processes and strategies as accurately as possible. Benefit from a real-time overview of performance and results.

    Rethink and reorganise the management of your work teams, and make your team management strategies more effective. Enhance staff productivity and performance and achieve objectives faster and more efficiently.