The age of the customer and Customer Experience has revolutionised the way companies deliver customer service, run their businesses and use technology and communication tools. With the degree of attention now focused on Customer Experience, you get to see things from the customers’ perspective, enabling you to deliver the best experience they can imagine, every time you interact with them.

Interactions with your customers must be fast, proactive and as simple as possible. They have to meet customer expectations. For these reasons, technology has to respond to the new social and digital dynamics and facilitate communication with your customers as effectively as possible.

BOTs (or chatbots) and machine learning have evolved as part of the new Customer Experience. Innovating the company-customer relationship, they are a new response to the behaviour of digital customers who are increasingly active, present in the digital world and aware of the experience offered by the companies they deal with.

We listened to what our customers wanted and acted on what they said. Good things happen when you pay attention. 


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    Engagent is an innovative Customer Interaction solution that allows you to interact in real time with your clients thanks to its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and BOT systems, proactively providing the responses, information and assistance they require and anticipating interest based on their browsing behaviour on your website or mobile app. Engagent improves service experience for your customers and users thanks to machine learning technologies, and understands requests offering the most appropriate responses in natural language. Engagent offers users rapid, comprehensive assistance and proactive dialogue as part of an entirely self-service, real-time experience. Provide a simple, round-the-clock service for your users that is also economical for your company.


    Interact directly with online users and customers. Enhance the value of relationships between people and your brand. Log your customers’ preferences and communicate with them, personalising your services. Offer people positive and meaningful experiences.

    Become a customer-oriented business and increase customer trust and loyalty. Offer people a positive and engaging Brand experience, and increase your business. It is not simply a question of “what”, but rather “how”.

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    Dialogue and instant help for online users, for the purpose of faster information collection and the request resolution.