The ability to offer a positive experience is an increasingly important factor for all companies aiming to win and retain customers. In order to continue achieving this goal in today’s economic, social and digital climate, we need to acknowledge the fact that sales activities have changed and have become more complex. People are more demanding and have changed the way they interact on social networks and with brands. They use multiple channels to find information, discover and select a product, and share their experiences daily, online and on social networks. Word of mouth has always been a key factor in the success of any business, but with the internet and mobile technology, and the ease with which people can now communicate and share, it has become even more important.

Consumer conversations are becoming more and more pivotal in the pre-sale and post-sale phases alike.
This is why, today more than ever, it is strategically essential for your company to offer customers a positive experience. And to do so means adopting systems to centralise information, preferences and purchasing patterns, and at the same time facilitate collaboration within company networks and increase sales force effectiveness.

Every contact we have with a customer influences whether or not they’ll come back.  We have to be great every time or we’ll lose them.


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    InfiniteCRM is PAT’s Customer Relationship Management solution. It is fully integrable with other IT platforms and compatible with all types of company infrastructure. InfiniteCRM is an innovative platform for Lead management and for automating, controlling and analysing all sales processes. Its tools include novel technologies related to mobile and social media use, and through the integrated Business Process Management tool it enables complete management of sales force activities and commercial opportunities. InfiniteCRM makes your sales team more performant and productive, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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    Teammee, PAT’s Social Collaboration platform, is the solution that increases sales teams performance, keeping sales staff better aligned on best practices and behaviours and on company vision and objectives. Teammee tools allow you to create a virtual space for reading company communications, downloading documents, and receiving training on company products and services. Teammee develops an environment in which your staff fully interact, engage and participate, and where you can communicate, motivate and stimulate sales agents at any time, wherever they are working.


    Become a customer-oriented business and increase customer trust and loyalty. Offer people a positive and engaging Brand experience, and increase your business. It is not simply a question of “what”, but rather “how”.
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    Gather all the information on your customers in a single system that enables more direct and personalised relationships. Achieve your business objectives more quickly by automating processes related to managing customers.

    Measure and manage your colleagues’ performance to get the most from every available resource, and evaluate corporate processes and strategies as accurately as possible. Benefit from a real-time overview of performance and results.

    Automate, speed up and improve the management of your commercial activities. Control the results of your sales actions and rapidly achieve your objectives. Make your commercial approach more effective, user-friendly and immediate.

    Rethink and reorganise the management of your work teams, and make your team management strategies more effective. Enhance staff productivity and performance, and achieve objectives faster and more efficiently.

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    Manage information on customers and prospects, the assets to be developed for creating new business opportunities.

    Identify and view all procedures for managing business dealings that support the sales force.

    Optimise commercial management of orders in the customer relationship life cycle, for the purpose of increasing sales.

    Analyse and draw up reports on commercial activities to measure sales team performance levels and improve efficacy.