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Here at PAT Group, with over 25 years of active experience, we have learned that every market has unique features and needs, which must be acknowledged, analysed and met through specific direct support. This is why PAT has always fostered close collaborative relations with Partners able, not only to introduce and promote the Group’s solutions in vertical markets and specialised areas of focus, but also to contribute to the development of these solutions themselves.


PAT Partner Programme


Create mutually beneficial business opportunities, and promote and sell your own products/services by integrating them with the following PAT solutions: Service Desk and IT Service Management, Customer Virtual Interaction, Customer Relationship Management and Social Collaboration.


PAT Partner Programme offers various initiatives to promote and reinforce collaborative relationships: prioritised access to technical support, training sessions to ensure accurate knowledge of PAT solutions and customised promotional initiatives.


Companies on the PAT Partner Programme add value to their own product portfolio. The goal is to include our solutions in new contexts and create enduring relationships.



Integrate our solutions into complex projects to create more efficient solutions with added functionalities.




Expand your product range to satisfy the needs of customers and prospects, and extend your market reach.




Enrich your know-how with our solutions, increasing your problem-solving capabilities to help you meet all requests.


An alliance that means growth.

If you would like further information on how to become a PAT Group Partner, please click on “Contact Us”.