The goal of Problem Management is to investigate the origin and causes of Incidents, and determine solutions to problems. As well as minimising repercussions of disruptions on company dynamics, managing Problems helps prevent the occurrence of related Incidents.

In this way, problems that can occur in corporate organisations are proactively managed. Identifying and analysing causes also helps to drastically reduce malfunctions and disruptions interrupting business operations.

HelpdeskAdvanced, supports Problem Management through automated flows that diagnose the origins of problems, defining activities and resources that will be involved in managing these processes.

HelpdeskAdvanced guarantees appropriate escalation and communication throughout the process, so as to ensure effective resolution of Problems and related Incidents.

problem management help desk

Define and process the right resources and activities to manage Problems.

Analyse problems, identify causes and take action to reduce malfunction.

Automate procedures that analyse the causes of problems.

Minimise disruption, guaranteeing continuity for your business.