Every lead is a potential opportunity, a possible future customer. For this reason, technology and processes must support this particularly sensitive and important period of care, knowledge and implementation. Wherever leads may be generated, attracted and engaged, it is essential to ascertain their genuine potential interest. The more qualified information you have, the better you can determine whether a lead is ready or not to be passed onto the sales force. It is key to implement a process of Lead Management which automatically creates, plans and manages all the marketing and business activities designed to nurture leads and transform them into real business opportunities.

InfiniteCRM allows you to outline Lead Management through automated processes which can engage the best qualified leads in targeted marketing action with the aim of transforming these contacts into opportunities, and from opportunities into customers.
Based on information gathered, through one integrated tool you can define and manage ad hoc marketing campaigns for each lead, to make the most of their attention and interest.

lead-management crm

Monitor the source of your leads and the particular marketing material that caught their attention.

Significantly improve qualified leads that could become your future customers.

Target the best qualified leads showing real interest.

Control lead hand-over to the sales force to ensure that all information is transferred securely and intact.