Corporate Know-How is one of the most important resources for your company’s market competitiveness. To be successful, you need to know how to manage knowledge in your organisation and how to enhance it and make it accessible to colleagues.

The ultimate objective of Knowledge Management is to spread knowledge throughout the organisation including people, processes and technology. This requires specific strategies designed to facilitate internal sharing of know-how, because knowledge is not simply explicit knowledge (information that can be defined and stored most easily) but also implicit or tacit knowledge, related to staff and their “know-how”, which is therefore more complicated to recognise and manage.

Teammee is the Social Collaboration platform that organises and promotes corporate knowledge and know-how with new methods and tools capable of managing both explicit and implicit knowledge, creating a unique repository and virtual location where colleagues can find the information they are looking for.

Teammee facilitates the sharing and transferral of know-how to everyone involved, through specific search tools retrieving data and information simply and quickly (such as filters, tags and hashtags), tools for collecting and managing all kinds of material (such as shared and catalogued folders), and new modes of collaborating between people, which improve project implementation and develop new knowledge (such as the ability to create posts, working groups and discussion groups, activities, events and much more).

Social intranet

Innovate your approach to managing corporate know-how and bring cultural, organisational and technological innovation to your company.

Share the culture of “knowledge sharing” and enhance your colleagues’ capabilities and skills, increasing company productivity and competitiveness.

Identify, retrieve, store, manage, promote and share both explicit and implicit corporate knowledge.

Identify, improve and optimise management of “critical” corporate knowledge key to achieving your business objectives.