A good Document Management system with a strong social component for knowledge management within various business areas, such as marketing and communication, sales, customer care, internal communication, IT, etc., enhances and adds value to your resources. A lot of the information derived from one-to-one conversations on documents and other material can also be useful to other involved parties. Sharing leads to collaboration. Collaboration generates content that can bring innovation and become integrated into the Document Management system and, therefore into the Knowledge Management system of your company.

No more “Information is power”: these days, “shared information is power”.

Teammee creates a single repository of material and documents, a hub for managing and organising knowledge and work flows, key strategic elements for your company’s business.

The Teammee Social Collaboration platform allows you to develop a Document Management system with a difference: a more collaborative and more social approach. With Teammee creating an environment for sharing files and documents of all kinds and formats is simple and intuitive. Staff can catalogue various material under specific categories or through the Tag tool and share it with one or more working groups, or with the whole company, commenting on it and creating in-depth dialogue around it. They can manage several versions of a single file and access previous versions. With advanced search tools, all documents are only a click away.


Organise and facilitate the collaborative creation of documents and other content.

Facilitate requests and search for information, also in self-service mode.

Facilitate alignment, training and self-training of your colleagues and partners.

Improve access to information and increase individual productivity.