Offer a multi-channel, cross-channel and interactive customer experience.

Govern customer interactions across all channels with the BrainInteractive digital interaction solution


The BrainInteractive software solution is designed to govern cross-channel communication with your customers, managing interaction and touch points across multiple channels, and customising communication flows based on the type of users you are dialoguing with, their needs and the mode of communication used. Thanks to advanced communication flows with your clients, you can improve customer experience, enhance perceived service quality, increase business opportunities and optimise management costs.

BrainInteractive is:


BrainInteractive governs interactions across different channels (SMS, social media, mobile, web, email, voice, IVR) and personalises the way information is transmitted.


BrainInteractive understands and conducts dialogues in different languages to meet your communication needs in an international environment.


BrainInteractive integrates natively with the PAT solutions and platforms your company already uses.


BrainInteractive creates new business opportunities by enabling targeted cross- and up-selling.


BrainInteractive offers your users access to a self-service mode, granting them full autonomy in managing their requests and needs.


BrainInteractive allows you to design and define your proactive business actions based on user behaviour and your corporate objectives.


BrainInteractive allows you to design cross-channel dialogue flows and connection according to your business needs.


Using transmitted information, BrainInteractive automatically activates proactive business and customer service actions.

You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.

BrainInteractive features:

Authoring Tool

Use the Authoring Tool graphic editor to design and create processes, interaction flows, proactive actions and communication routes through the channels you use to speak with your customers.

Semantic Engine

The Semantic Engine automatically manages dialogue, interpreting the meaning of the sentence and offering customers content and appropriate responses to their demands.