Analyse your business performance. Monitor the present and forecast future results.

Transform your company’s data and information into knowledge thanks to Business Intelligence BiPlus

BiPlus is the visual and graphic business intelligence tool for information and data linked to specific business areas. With BiPlus you can easily analyse and predict the performance of the key business, allowing management to make the best strategic decisions.

BiPlus is:


An intuitive interface allows you to operate with ease, even without specific technical skills.


Quickly generate and visualise in table and graph formats key business data and related trends.


Adapt the platform to meet your company’s targets and achieve your business goals.


Display and consult BiPlus reports in full autonomy via apps, web portals and desktop applications.


BiPlus is integrated within the HelpdeskAdvanced, InfiniteCRM, Engagent and Teammee solutions.


BiPlus guarantees total information and data security.

Make it a habit to discuss the problems based on data and respecting the facts that they demonstrate.

BiPlus features:


Effortlessly define data links and sources for extraction to produce analysis and graphs.


Create any kind of report you need with the BiPlus graphs engine which offers several formats, such as tables, bar charts, linear graphs, pie charts, KPI matrixes and many more.

Business Models

Represent your data sets to match the Business Model you wish to view and analyse, as well as all the significant data relationships.


Based on the reports created, develop any dashboard you wish to visualise in real time, displaying the data, information and key performances you need to monitor in order to control and manage your business.