Reinforce Customer Service thanks to AI

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Chatbots, voicebots, intelligent contact centers and advanced virtual agents are now at the service of the business, to help reinforce customer service thanks to AI.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning technologies have taken decisive steps forward to automate the communications of businesses and organizations with their respective customers and related support.

New AI-based approaches are implemented in customer service through chatbot and virtual assistants or even through voicebot, which add voice interaction to conversations.

Improve assistance activities thanks to tools based on Artificial Intelligence

The goal of modern companies is to improve their assistance activities, to provide an increasingly effective and dynamic service.

To do this, it is necessary to adopt tools based on Artificial Intelligence that are able to understand, interact and converse with customers even in text and voice form.

Performing customer support thanks to AI means implementing, managing and using advanced virtual agents capable of dealing with multiple topics and questions 24/7, positively impacting organizational processes and, consequently, results and satisfaction.

Artificial Intelligence, with particular reference to Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies, can help companies improve user recognition and the assistance provided starting from the examination of conversations and the ability to continuously refine analytical processes.

The algorithms, by reviewing all the interactions between brand and customer along the different touch points, allow to interpret human language (a telephone conversation, but also the content of an email or a chat message) and to automate many stages of the assistance process and communication. In short, Artificial Intelligence, by listening, allows you to create a punctual and personalized relationship with the customer.

Why it is important to reinforce customer support thanks to AI

By exploiting technologies based on Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to automate, streamline and speed up the most common dynamics related to traditional Customer Service. Delegating the most frequent requests to virtual assistants allows the support team to focus on the most complex issues.

But not only that: Artificial Intelligence provides effective help to companies even on medium to long-term activities, allowing them to evaluate the quality of customer service at 360° and take action where there are problems or criticalities.

In addition, the various interactions with the customer, guided by AI through the different channels, give a complete picture of their online habits, providing the right information to be able to customize the service offered.

A conversational interface gives you the privilege of interacting with your computer on human terms.
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The data is a continuous confirmation of how expanding this sector is and how important it is for companies to enhance Customer Service thanks to AI.

Among the technologies, which are having a strong impact on customer expectations and their Customer Experience, are: IoT at 40%, voice assistants at 38%, artificial intelligence at 37% and chatbot at 35%.

These statistics highlight how chatbot and virtual assistants are today among the most frequent and expected systems for customers to interact with brands and request information and assistance.
Each company must be able to provide new methods of communication and interact with its customers through the various channels.
Enhancing customer support thanks to AI therefore means guaranteeing multi-channel and 24/7 support.

Pat's technologies to enhance Customer Service thanks to AI

For years, Pat has been offering its technologies to enhance Customer Service thanks to AI, alongside the online Customer Service services of companies.

A consolidated experience that of the Engagent chatbot and of the framework for multichannel interaction, CX Studio: these technologies, equipped with language understanding rules and automatic responses, allow companies to offer their customers effective interaction and virtual assistance tools and always available.

The differentiating factors of Pat's interaction framework are:

1. NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine that works on understanding and learning human language, in order to automate interaction and dialogue with customers.

2. Through the application of semantic algorithms, it is possible to increase the semantic categories, automatically classifying the contents and improving the process of managing user reports.

3. Flow designer: thanks to the visual designer of the interaction flows, it is possible to establish how to manage the interaction with the user, how to manage the rules of proactivity, engagement and cross-channeling.

4. When the Engagent chatbot cannot answer customer questions, it escalates to the human operator, if available, or sends an automatic request to the Customer Service team in order to take action.

5. Simultaneous multi-chat management, lightening the burdens of human operators.

6. Management of dialogues in different languages.

7. It is multi-channel and therefore can answer questions from the web, chat, social media and more.

If you want to talk to a Pat expert on how to enhance Customer Support thanks to AI, contact us now.