New integrations for Engagent, with Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp

The Virtual Assistant Engagent opens up to new integrations, to offer a new an globally omnichannel strategy.

Engagent integrates with the most popular messaging applications, both for B2B and B2C, Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp, with the aim of keeping the conversation active with its users and customers, offering a valuable service useful for the consolidation of the company-customer relationship.

In fact, more than 2.5 billion people today use at least one mobile app to communicate and 90% of user interactions take place on mobile devices and through textual communication systems (such as chat, messenger, whatsapp, etc.). For this Pat has considered strategic to develop, in addition to the already active integrations with Messenger, Telegram and Slack, connectors with Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp, which guarantee omnichannel fluidity on the most popular systems.

These integrations create the best context for establishing simpler interactions by increasing the degree of use of the services in self-service mode or by allowing users to receive immediate answers, making them more satisfied in their Customer Journey.

The companies have understood that to interact with users it’s necessary to be present on the preferred and most used channels, using these tools to establish a contact as natural and spontaneous as possible.
The potential therefore of Engagent as a marketing tool, sales assistant or Customer Care, is enormous, as it creates and manages one-to-one contacts.