Chatbots and other popular channels for interacting with companies

The last few years have been extremely evolutionary, regarding contact methods for interacting with companies.

This revolution has significantly expanded customers' possibilities to communicate with companies and service providers.
In fact, up until a few years ago, the only way to speak, for example, with the customer service of your telephone operator was to make a call from a landline, while today you can receive assistance from an app or even through your social profile.

New technologies, based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, are playing a decisive role in this evolution.
Thanks to Natural Language Processing algorithms, several platforms are able to recognize users' questions - both written and verbal - and provide virtual and automatic assistance, without the need to involve a human operator.

New contact channels to interact with companies

The channels for communicating and interacting with companies have now multiplied, in order to provide users a better relationship experience with the brand. Everyone, in fact, can choose their favourite contact method, depending on where she/he is, the available time, or the requested type of assistance.

Offering a large number of contact channels makes the user experience more "interactive". Someone who wants to contact a company will be able to go through phone, email, instant messaging apps, social network platforms and chatbots.

Each of these channels offers different experiences, during service and support phases:

Phone: the most traditional and appropriate channel to establish a direct relationship with the support team, developing a higher level of confidence and trust;
Mail: simple, practical, popular. Email is suitable for "non-immediate" support channels, allowing users to explain their requests in depth;
Live Chat: instant messaging is increasingly used, because it guarantees an immediate response. This is among the channels that ensure the highest levels of user satisfaction;
Social networks: leveraging the fact that almost everyone has at least one social profile, companies are also choosing to offer assistance through channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram and WhatsApp;
Chatbot or Virtual Assistant: one of the most famous and recently applied technologies. Thanks to artificial intelligence and appropriate semantic training, they are able to carry out a conversation with a person, simulating a human interaction.

Chatbots: one of preferred channels to interact with companies. Here are the trends.

Nowadays, Chatbots turn out to be the preferred channel for interacting with companies.
They are a growing technology: according to a Gartner survey, in the next few years, 47% of organizations could use bots in customer care, while 40% says to be ready to develop its own virtual assistant. The chatbot market is expected to annually grow by about 30%, over the next five years, from a value of 2.6 billion in 2019, to 9.4 billion in 2024.

Which benefits does this contact method offer?
More and more people expect companies to be available 24/7. An automated solution, with bots powered by artificial intelligence, gives a chance to guarantee this service with high quality standards, even with very low costs, compared to a service managed by operators in the flesh.

On the user’s/customer’s side, chatbots are an alternative to human operators, only for the simplest or most informative requests. For more complex reports, it is always envisaged to put them in direct contact with a human operator.

Engagent, Pat's chatbot for an effective customer-company interaction

Engagent is Pat's Customer Interaction solution. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system and Machine Learning, it allows you to interact, in real time, with customers and proactively provide the service, information and virtual assistance they need.

Chatbots, in fact, are considered more and more useful for:

• Having a quick response during an emergency (37%);
• Solving a complaint or problem (35%);
• Getting detailed answers or explanations (35%);
• Making a reservation (33%);
• Pay a bill or an invoice (29%).
That's why Engagent is the right technology to introduce a new way of contact, communication and interaction with companies.

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