Chatbot for Insurance Companies: all the advantages of this channel

There is a frequent adoption of chatbots, within insurance companies.
Which benefits does this channel bring? It is not just about being faster and more effective, but also about improving the user experience, in his relationship with the company.

Insurance companies are increasing their use of chatbot and virtual assistant technologies, to interact with their customers and establish an initial online conversation. The insurance sector, in fact, is among those which can benefit the most, from the adoption of these tools, especially in terms of efficiency, transparency and speed, in the relationship with the customer.
Virtual assistants are a key element of the renewal process, that insurance and financial market operators cannot neglect: according to some researches, the 43% of people prefers addressing requests to their insurance service supplier, through chatbot or virtual assistant and this percentage can only grow, with the generational advancement.

Chatbots for insurance sector are a useful technology, to establish an initial interaction with customers: in fact, they simulate a human conversation, directly online answering to customers' requests and providing forms, or directing the user to the correct section of the site. Chatbots, or virtual assistants, are able to simulate the human behaviour, through advanced systems of recognition and analysis of natural language (NLP - Natural Language Processing).


Pat's virtual assistant, Engagent, has been used for many years, by insurance companies and groups, because it is considered an innovative technology, suitable for supporting online customers. One of the strengths of Engagent is the semantic engine and its ability to properly respond to user's requests, proposing appropriate forms and information.

Which are the benefits of a chatbot for insurance companies?

Adopting Chatbot technology undoubtedly means obtaining advantages, related to higher speed and efficiency in solving requests and to the ability of developing business, paying more attention to customer and to his experience of relationship with the Insurance Company.

Below, we list the main benefits of an insurance chatbot:

  • Chatbots facilitate the relationship with the customer

The insurance field is undoubtedly complex and customers often browse the site, looking for clear and understandable information. A chatbot can help simplify the process of finding the right information, guiding customers through simple steps.

  • Chatbots are available 24/7

A chatbot is available at any time and can be an initial support, for a customer who logs into their insurance website, even at a time when the call center is unavailable.

  • Chatbots simplify processes

A chatbot follows very specific flows, undoubtedly designed to simplify the search for information or forms, available on the insurance site.

  • Chatbots provide assistance, even in case of complaints

Customer support, in insurance field, is an essential piece, for the relationship of trust with its customers. A chatbot can be trained, to provide first-level assistance and help the customer, during claim process.

  • Chatbots can make suggestions, on the insurance offer

An insurance chatbot is also a proactive system, for promoting a specific policy offer to potential online customers.

Discover Engagent, the chatbot for insurance companies by PAT

Engagent, PAT's Virtual Assistant technology, is a solution adopted in various sectors: from gaming to finance, from IT services to insurance sector.

Engagent improves the experience of customers and online users, thanks to machine learning technologies, and understands the requests that are submitted, processing the most suitable answers, in natural language.

For insurance companies, Engagent is able to quickly offer comprehensive assistance, proactive dialogue and a totally self-service and real-time experience.
Immediacy and rapidity, in the relationship with the customer: these are the main advantages, that the insurance sector can gain from the use of a chatbot, as a new interaction channel.

In fact, during our webinar entitled "Alin Chatbot of BNP Paribas Cardif: the reassuring and direct virtual assistant", we will address the concrete and successful case of BNP Paribas Cardif, the international insurance company with presence in the Netherlands, UK and worldwide.
Thanks to the implementation of Engagent, a new way of contact has been introduced, which meets the needs of omnicanality, involvement and autonomy, currently requested by their customers.