Service Desk: key element of business digitization

The Service Desk is a key element of business digitalization.

In today's scenarios, the Service Desk takes on a new identity, going beyond the traditional approaches related to service delivery and assistance in the IT field, to become a real strategic lever of business digital transformation.

The diffusion of new working models and the new technologies in use create new approaches, for a fast and structured delivery of enabling services for the business.

Just think, for example, how any office within companies is becoming digital (digital workplace) and how employees are now getting used to using the same mobile device for both personal and business purposes (BYOD).
These factors, coupled with the increasing popularity of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) models, simplify the rapid and structured delivery of business-enabling IT services.

Why is the Service Desk a key element of business digitization? Because through this system, each business area is potentially able to manage its procedures in an automated way, reducing errors and improving performance.

One of the processes, most closely linked to corporate business performance and managed through a Service Management strategy, is known as Demand Management.
This process, if supported by a Service Desk solution, can ensure an improvement in business performance, thanks to an increase in production commitments, a better efficiency of management process and a greater focus on value-added projects.

The Service Desk is a key element of business digitization and is at the heart of any structured organization. This is stated by analyst Scarlet Bay, in his Report "The State of Service Desk Strategy", which, in one paragraph, says:

“Service desks are arguably at the center of an organization; they support their business in achieving strategic goals, but they also keep organizations running. It is imperative that service desk professionals are involved in building strategies, as not only does it allow them to understand how they play a part in helping the business achieve its goals, but they can also influence the strategy to help the business understand what the service desk needs to provide a better, more effective service.”

From this statement it is clear, that a service desk system supports every corporate business strategy and plays an active role in achieving the overall goals of the organization.