New Chatbot for car rental services: Arval Italia’s case

Introducing a Chatbot for car rental services. This is how Arval Italia decided to innovate the digital experience for its customers, both private and companies.

Arval, company owned by BNP Paribas and leader in Italian long-term rental sector, has been present in Italy since 1995 and manages over 200.000 vehicles at national level and more than 40.000 customers.

Arval Italia’s mission is providing long-term rental solutions to its customers, through consultancy and dedicated, innovative and dynamic services, able to meet their digital expectations.
To achieve this goal and provide more and more Customer Centric online services, Arval Italia chose introducing Engagent, Pat’s Chatbot, which supports the company in this new Customer Experience digital and optimisation strategy.

What is the support that a Chatbot could provide to car rental services?

Engagent manages interactions with customers in an instantaneous and completely automatic way, dealing with a variety of topics such as: personalised estimate, customer assistance, booking a car inspection service in the workshop.

Engagent, applied on company’s institutional website, enhances relational dynamics with online customers, channels customers’ needs, simplifies their navigation and information research.

Marco Cerrato, Web Marketing & Acquisition Manager, says:

We wanted a complete and scalable solution, able to meet the needs of our Business. A solution that could strengthen the engagement of users on the web, improving the relationship and better qualifying them.

Engagent, Pat’s Chatbot, has become the first touch point for web users and the main vehicle for relationship and knowledge with the company. This dialogue tool captures leads’ attention, who would otherwise be lost, qualifies the customers, their needs and future requirements. This is a full-fledged virtual assistant, dedicated to the improvement of Customer Experience for Arval Italia’s customers.

Discover  the case study Arval Italia and the advantages achieved by using this technology.