Pat Group sponsor the Customer Experience conference – “CX2020”

Milan – October 18, 2018

Pat Group will sponsor the second edition of the Customer Experience conference – “CX2020”, organized by Cmi Customer Management Insights

The conference on the Customer Experience – CX2020, to be held in Milan on October 18th, will explore the future of the relationship with the customer. Obviously Pat Group could not miss the golden opportunity to participate to the event.

We have been dealing with this pivotal sector trend for some time now, mainly as a concrete goal to be pursued thanks to our solutions, which aim at bringing real value to our customers.

Our main focus is on this issue, because it is Customer Experience that eventually leads Organizations to constantly model themselves and to adapt to new realities, bearing in mind that change is not driven by companies, but by the clients.

And therefore Customer Experience:

  • Facilitates and accelerates new opportunities;
  • Favors the opening of new interesting business scenarios;
  • Is able to match and combine organizational and customer needs, business strategies and emotional states, rationality and emotions, business and loyalty.

During the conference on the Customer Experience – “CX2020”, we will go beyond the simple explanation of this terminology, which we can summarize as follows:

the set of perceptions that the user conceives and builds through his relational experience with the Company, which is strictly related to the received services, retrieved and used information, channels used, together with the reputation of the perceived brand and purchasing processes.

The issue will be addressed and discussed from different point of views (to consult the Agenda, click here). During the event, a brief speech by Patrizio Bof, President and Founder of Pat Group and InfiniteArea, will take place focusing primarily on Customer Experience and the importance of Artificial Intelligence in the relationship with the Customer.

Artificial Intelligence influences the Customer Experience following new behavioural trends and the emerging needs of “Digital” Users. It helps to increase automation and logic so that, behind the relationship with the customer, there are intelligent dynamics that speed up processes and responses, pinpoint resolutions to problems, anticipate needs, offer customized solutions and increase the level of quality and accuracy of the service received.

The speech is scheduled at 12.00.. Do not miss it! We are waiting for you on Thursday 18 October at “Il palazzo delle Stelline”_ corso Magenta n.61, Milan.