Customer Service’s value generates customer satisfaction. Trend 2017

Investing on customer service’s value and introducing new channels of interaction generates customer satisfaction increasing their trust and loyalty.

Consumer will dictate how the customer service will evolve: their behaviors, such as preferred contact method and expected customer experience. Customer service will need to adapt to the customer preferences and their new digital habits: listening to customer needs, communicate through their preferred contact channel, providing real time personalized, coordinated and consistent services to enhance their experience.

Plenty of data and statistics prove that Customer Service plays a fundamental role in customer’s choices and their loyalty. Such data shows that in any area of application, good service improves customer loyalty. It is estimated that companies loose a total of more than 62 billion dollars, due to below expectations customer service.

As explained by CEO Jeff Bezos of Amazon: “In the old world, you devoted 30% of your time to building a great service and 70% of your time to shouting about it. In the new world, that inverts“.

Customer Service’s value is critical to the success of companies: consumers no longer have the time and desire to remain loyal to a brand that does not satisfy them. If their expectations are not met, customers can easily search for a better alternative, additionally can negatively score the service received and the obvious consequence is that that company loses out.

The main reasons for a customer brand neglect related to Customer servicing are: excessive waiting time, which is significant to more than 20% of the customers, and receiving inadequate responses. In addition, generic and not personalized responses will drive 50% of customers to search for new products and services. In general, then, after a bad experience with customer service, as many as 91% of customers will perform a negative action, accounting for as much as 50% related to company loyalty. This proves that customers appreciate quality service as much as other levers such as product price.
According an American Express study, Americans are willing to spend 9% more with companies that provide excellent customer service.

What you must therefore expect as a trend that will add value to customer service for 2017 ?
In order to answer we need to start from consumer expectations and their changing attitudes. Customers expect firstly to be able to search answers by themselves or in second instance, to rapidly connect through an intuitive and mobile channel the customer service department. Waiting times are no longer welcome.

Based on the above these are our offered guidelines for Customer Service:

Introduce Self-Servicing Support. People, or new consumers, are accustomed to perform continuous online searches and expect the support service to be available 24/7. Not all customers have the time, or desire reach out for support possibly to find simple answers. The best solution is to provide a self-service tool, a portal that makes frequent asked questions available through intuitive search systems.
A Forrester provided survey about most used channels for customer service tell us that self-service through FAQs use has increased by over 10% reaching as much as 76%.
Self-Service Support managed through a dedicated portal, as one offered by PAT is a real and measurable advantage and now expected by 90% of customers.

Introduce instant messaging support. Last year we have witnessed exponential growth in the use of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and so on. Exploiting these channels for better customer service is a growing trend. Innovative companies like KLM have started to use messaging platforms for reservations, travel and related support services.
The main advantage of messaging support is its convenience to the user, which is already accustomed to that particular app for instant communications.
Companies, however, also can also benefit, by keeping the conversation with the customer within context (the entire conversation is always visible and allows greater fluidity in exchanges between operator and user) with a permanent and direct connection.
But in order for these conversations are not lost is critical integration with back-end systems, such as a CRM or ticketing platform. Pat, by BrainInteractive solution, coordinates and controls contact channels delivering true value to Customer Servicing.

Introduce a support Chabot. Live chat support channel has become very important and will continue to be a major trend in the coming years. It provides a one-to-one direct support, often managed through a Bot. The Chabot is able to not only autonomously respond to questions from users, but also understand the context and offer the customer a human like dialogue. Engagent – PAT Chabot – for example, based on the online customer browsing behaviors can proactively offer promotions by anticipating needs and questions. Conversely, in the case where Engagent is not able to answer, the system would redirect the dialogue to a human agent.

Deliver a personalized service. Personalization has already become one of the key Customer Service trends and will continue to be so since new technologies allow collecting increasing user’s data about their preferences. Organizations that will collect, analyze and use such data will be in a position to offer a better and more appropriate online experience, gaining a significant competitive advantage.