5 ways to improve the service desk and satisfy the users

The Users’s expectations and opinions are really significant in the modern concept of Service Desk. Their experience is the most critical aspect for a successful Service management. And not only for that.

For the resources whose role is the Service Desk, it’s a reason to reach an higher efficiency in the managed activities, higher motivation to accomplish their tasks, improve performances in the service provision.

And also a will to create value for their users.

The main goals of the Service Desk that is user-centric are:

  • to give value to the business, keeping solidity and continuity in the provision of the services;
  • to guarantee a constant productivity, promptly responding with efficacy to the users expectations.

The service’s valorization is directly proportional to the improvement of the users experience.

The type of experience is linked to the level of the service received.

According to our knowledge and experience on the technological and planning field, we can find 5 fundamental points that are helpful to improve the services delivered to users. Giving the proper consideration to these points means be conscious of the future value and positive consequences.

  1. Let’s start with Customer Journey. The best way to guarantee a satisfying experience for the users is to direct their experience. How? Foreseeing and planning the route of the requests, guaranteeing that each contact channel provides continuity and quality of the service. The Customer Journey mapping allows to check the efficacy of the service provided, arranging some elements that can measure the user satisfaction.
  2. Let’s go on with Self Service Portal. Is it able to improve the users experience in this context? Definitely! A number of tasks that the Service Desk daily manages can be transferred to the users, thanks to a portal which is intuitive, fast, easy to use and that can quickly solve many frequent problems and shared with the past experiences.
  3. Let’s consider the improvement of the Knowledge Base. The guarantee for the success of the Self Service processes mainly derive from Knowledge, shared between the users, constantly organized and optimized by the Service team. It’s necessary to verify that the solutions, suggestions, notices about common situations are always updated and at disposal for the Service Desk, thereby for the users.
  4. We should pay more attention to users before supposing a processes scenario. We can’t give priority to procedures instead of a request resolution where nowadays the importance is given the user’s satisfaction. They are the Service Desk’s focus, our arbiter, our goal. The service’s governance should give value to the user, putting their necessities, needs and timings as priorities. Starting from this let’s move on and create a perfect situation based on his expectations.
  5. Let’s think about Service’s KPI adopting the user’s perspective. Different metrics and values that can be easy or complex can help us to measure every aspect and each performance of the Service Desk. We realized that often companies pay more attention to the report construction instead of the results generated that need to be analyzed. So why shouldn’t we be oriented to create only few and concrete KPI that can describe in detail the quality of the service delivered to the users and the quality of their experience?

An excellent users experience not only concern a high efficiency and speed in the resolution of the problems.

Having at disposal appropriate technology for the support of this goal is fundamental. The Service Management solutions are the most important technologies for this theme..
Pat Group through its solution HelpdeskAdvanced, can manage and automate the Service Management with the main goal to give to the users an experience that meet their high expectations.:
To reach those targets, Pat Group conceived HelpdeskAdvanced based on the dynamics of user-oriented service, using five innovative elements that respond to the users needs:

  • User portal or Customer portal, in other words an intuitive web interface easy to use and designed for the user, that can simplify the communication and the interaction with IT department or other areas that are going to keep in charge the requests;
  • The Service catalogue is where are listed all the services that the company can deliver to users, it’s a real catalogue where they can surf, choose the request, information or service that will be requested to the support department;
  • The Knowledgebase supports users to find the solutions to the problems in self service mode, in this way they can self-solve them consulting similar solutions or indications published in the past for similar problems;
  • The chatbot is available to the users in Customer Portal. It supplies first level support and assistance in real time, activating automatic resolution processes thanks to a BOT;
  • Omni-channel, different and interconnected channels are available to simplify the communication with service desk. From the traditional touch points to the more modern ones: the communication can arrive through chat, IVR system, mobile app, web portal, phone conversation, sms or e-mail. A multichannel Service Desk is user centric and satisfy their needs, offers different channels easy to use, always available for the users that are always connected.

We would like to illustrate you a case of one of our customer, Ospedale San Raffaele that chose our solution HelpdeskAdvanced because they considered the users experience very important and our solution meets thier request.