The four ingredients of the Customer Experience

The relation Customer – Brand is no longer measured solely with quantitative metrics: today it is the lived experience that makes a difference in the relationship and customer loyalty.
So it’s important to consider at least four factors that are critical to deliver a successful customer experience:

  • Efficiency: The customer first of all evaluate the product / service and its efficient operation in terms of performance or use.
  • Differentiation: the consumer must recognize a distinctive offer compared to the competitors offer, which meets its needs, offer him specific advantages and, where possible, also customized benefits.
  • Emotion: A customer needs to have “warm” interactions in every touch point he has with the company. So this means to create emotional experiences both in the store, in the telephone calls, and in e-mails or chat.
  • Homogeneity: despite the various touchpoints and multi-connections, customers can distinguish different experiences lived in the different channels used. But they expect there is an homogeneous consistency in the quality that the company provides and transmits at any time.

These are the four essential ingredients that make sure that your customers live a positive Customer Experience, strengthening the relationship and trust.