4 ways to increase Customer Satisfaction

How to increase Customer Satisfaction? A topic that is common is the Customer Experience linked to new digital attitudes of customers. But which are the factors that really affect the interest of consumers? A McKinsey study showed that it would be enough to work only on a few items to get the real results in terms of satisfaction, in particular the study shows that there are only four elements that need to be considered and improved:

  • Transparency and customization: Customers expect to have clear information, accurate, on time (especially for highly complex products and investment) and expect to receive them with personalized communications and proposals.
  • Simplicity and speed: the immediate interaction with the client and the simplicity of the purchase process have a strong influence on the overall satisfaction.
  • Digital interactions: Customers expect to interact with the company by digital instruments and channels, aligning with their daily habits. The digital contributes for the 10% in the level of satisfaction.
  • Perceived value: the customer engagement level is created with the relationship with the brand and acts as a multiplier of value. The perception of the value already starts during the first knowledge of product / service through the advertising.

The analysis indicate that only 1 out of 3 customers have an optimal customer experience, and the remaining 2/3 is exposed to a risk of dissatisfaction and abandonment. Focus on the key factors that affect the customer experience and overall satisfaction, increases the loyalty of its customers!