Every company aims to deliver excellent Customer Care to build up loyal, long-term relationships with customers, develop clear and on-going communication focused on their needs, and set up an immediate support system capable of anticipating their problems. The Ticketing Management process defines action, assistance and support in response to customer requests, prioritising their individual needs and requirements in terms of speed, proactivity and effectiveness in problem resolution through whatever channel used to open their tickets.

InfiniteCRM places customer relations at the heart of business dynamics, developing a mostly proactive approach to Ticketing Management. Customer assistance is designed to be delivered through all available channels historicising tickets' information and details: from the web-based Customer Portal to email, from phone-based IVR to SMS, from the mobile app to interactive chat. InfiniteCRM automates Ticketing Management, making the process as efficient as possible, optimising problem resolution times, reducing inefficient use of resources and saving on costs. Optimise ticketing, defining the level of support to deliver based on the type of problem and SLA agreed.

Ticketing Management crm

Streamline your customer care processes, optimising support by raising quality standards.

The more information you have on your customers, the more easily you can anticipate their needs and provide proactive support.

Design a versatile ticketing system that operates across all the channels you can offer your customers.

Define assistance levels to promptly meet customer needs and guarantee a better Customer Experience.