The information you have on your customers and prospects is the starting point for any commercial activity, becoming the main asset to develop for the purpose of creating future business opportunities.
Data structure and information quality offer a detailed, comprehensive, and up-to-date overview of companies and contacts in the DataBase. Account Management operates on the basis of this information.

Within InfiniteCRM Account Management structures every single Account (or Company) and the relative Contacts so that the data and information they contain is instantly readable, consultable and updatable. Account Management historicises data, activities, plans, commercial documents and customer-care actions, offering a complete and qualified overview in real time which can be shared within the company based on specific business needs.

InfiniteCRM historicises information and, through the Account Management functionality, tracks all strategic data and actions relevant to the efficient management of Accounts and Contacts, and to the process of transforming these into economic value for the company.

Account Management crm

Know all your customers and access their information quickly.

Share your contacts’ key and strategic information within your team and in other business areas.

Instantly access and use data on your accounts and contacts.

Having better knowledge of your customers and higher quality information ensures greater business success.