Project Management is the way activities are managed to ensure that a project runs successfully. It starts with project analysis and moves on to planning and realising predetermined company or customer goals.

To manage projects effectively you need key expertise: organisational and technical skills, but also strong team management skills, i.e. the right relational and behavioural skills for managing staff on the project. Optimum Project Management therefore requires selecting the right team (project manager and suitable qualified individuals) and the right tools and software for developing activities, along with thorough planning and coordination of all intermediate phases to meet schedule, budget, objectives and quality of results.

Teammee is a Social Collaboration platform used in the field of Project Management to create a hub for managing and organising your projects and work flows. Teammee not only allows you to coordinate staff and formalise roles, tasks and deadlines of each co-worker, empowering them further to achieve the project objectives, but also keeps staff constantly up-to-date on project progress through the Activity tool. The tool can also organise briefings, meetings and conferences online, meeting the needs of today’s workers who are often away from the office or working from different sites.

Providing co-workers, both inside and outside the company, with a single repository of material and documents is easy and fast using this platform, through which you can monitor all people, activities and information required for the purposes of Project Management in a single environment.


Manage people, activities, materials and information all in one place.

Be constantly updated on the progress of activities in your project.

Promptly identify critical points in teams and projects.

Develop your project quickly and efficiently, obtaining better results.