Learning Communities are environments (real and virtual) that encourage a more complete, thorough, exhaustive and satisfying learning experience (both for trainer and learners) compared to traditional training methods. In these environments, not only can people share a training course but they can also exchange experiences and collaborate to achieve learning objectives.

Companies that continue to invest in training, even in periods of crisis, have been shown to become more resilient compared to others, i.e. more capable of positively dealing with change and addressing challenges related to market and society. For this reason, training staff should not be considered an “occasional” activity, but must be one of the motors driving the company on and, as such, must keep up with the current digital revolution. As they can improve the learning capacity of employees and produce better results, new digital tools offer valid support before, during and after the training path.

Teammee improves corporate training making it more engaging and productive by creating Learning Communities which extend the duration of the learning path beyond the hours spent in the training room. This Social Collaboration platform takes you beyond each individual training day, transforming training courses into learning experiences that encourage active participation of partakers.

With Teammee, training courses achieve two targets for the price of one: they improve effectiveness of training, speeding up the participants’ learning process, and learner engagement.

learning community

Transform your training course into an on-going learning process that is not limited to one-off sessions in the training room.

Enhance horizontal links between colleagues, emphasising peer exchange as an effective method of enhancing learning.

Heighten learner engagement during training sessions to achieve your learning objectives faster.

Make your training courses more performant, leaving your team more competent and better prepared and increasing your company’s business opportunities.