Construction and availability of a Knowledge Base is an opportunity for sharing corporate knowledge and optimising time that would otherwise be spent on disorganised searches for scattered solutions and information.
In the area of Customer Care, a reliable, updated and performant Knowledge Base means rapid access to valuable information on previously managed and resolved tickets and problems. It means having rapid responses for customers requesting assistance. It simplifies operations for your support staff, freeing them up to devote time to more strategic assignments.

InfiniteCRM uses the Knowledge Base to support Ticketing Management and makes the process of resolving customer requests on previously encountered problems simpler, faster and more immediate.

The Knowledge Base is also available within the Customer Portal: on this support portal, users and customers can consult content autonomously and resolve their tickets on previously managed similar requests in self-service mode.

knowledge base crm

Make the most of time and resources, and save costs whilst increasing support service productivity.

Increase the quality of your customers’ experience by readily resolving their tickets.