One essential aspect of CRM that must be managed efficiently is the object of your relations and communications with customers. By this we mean your Assets, products, services or components thereof that you are offering to sell the customer, and your Contracts, which document the sale, guarantees, maintenance and assistance terms agreed with the customer.

Assets and Contracts Management focuses the attention on the type of relations you need to establish with your customers, and provides the basis for customising the service you are offering them.

InfiniteCRM manages Assets, products and services involved in the sales process. It records all the technical and commercial information related to the Asset, linking it to customers in both the buying and after-sales phases, and recording movements and modifications throughout its life cycle. In this way, InfiniteCRM maps out and historicises all tickets and commercial updates for each specific Asset.

InfiniteCRM governs the contractual aspect of your customer relationships. Contract Management records all the contractual documentation linked to the commercial relations and Assets in question, so as to monitor the commercial specifications, deadlines, guarantees and assistance and maintenance interventions involved in customer dealings.

asset contract management crm

Closely monitor all information on Assets and Contracts at the heart of your business opportunities.

Govern Assets and Contracts within one, centralised platform: InfiniteCRM.