Cattel optimizes Customer Service with Pat’s CRM solution

Cattel optimizes Customer Service thanks to Pat’s CRM solution to have a 24/7 available system and to respond immediately to the needs of customers and the various business areas involved.

Cattel SpA is a leader in the distribution of food and no-food products in the HoReCa sector. With a vast assortment in the catalog, it offers itself as a single supplier and ranks among the top five national players in terms of turnover. By focusing on a proposal of the highest quality and on a widespread and punctual service, every day it deserves the trust of about 7,000 references in the north of Italy.

Customer Care needed a unique tool that would allow you to check the status of customer requests to help the various departments in the daily management of activities and to centralize all reports and problems, starting a path of monitored management and resolution.

For Cattel it was therefore important to choose an innovative solution capable of collecting all the information available so as not to have to search for it in other systems, to be able to analyze the needs of the various customers and, consequently, to optimize the type of service offered.

“A fundamental technological project with a view to Digital Transformation: with Pat’s CRM we respond promptly to the needs of our customers”
Sasha Gulic, Information Systems Director of Cattel SpA

Pat’s CRM has already allowed Cattel to see a series of benefits:

  • Improved ability to report information that was not previously intercepted
  • Correct categorization of the various types of tickets under management
  • Measurement of ticket resolution times
  • Traceability of the types of recurring reports

“The adoption of Pat’s solution is the first step that allows Cattel to put the customer at the center”
Alessandra Paroni, Customer Care Manager of Cattel SpA

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