Proactive Customer Service: the ability to predict customer requests

When we talk about proactive Customer Service we refer to all those practices that aim to offer an effective, punctual and reliable service to its customers.

It is a question of making responses to user requests promptly, offering quality in the solutions offered, monitoring trends, but above all acting in advance by preventing any problems or issues.

What does the term proactivity mean? It is a behavioral attitude. A proactive behavior allows you to quickly recognize the customer's orientations in order to be able to plan in advance the responses to their needs.

For this reason, the adjective "proactive" reflects the characteristics of modern Customer Service and the expectations of the customers who turn to it.

Proactive Customer Service thanks to digital innovation

To ensure that an organization develops proactivity adequately, IT technologies are of fundamental importance. In fact, they are the perfect support for collecting a variety of information and organizing it quickly and easily through automation.

Thanks to this multiplicity of data, collected and analyzed, the Customer Service is increasingly precise and capable of preventing user requests.

All this is made possible nowadays thanks to digital innovation that has been taking hold for a couple of decades and which has also been accelerated by the COVID-19 situation, which has pushed users and organizations to operate more and more online. and through technological devices.

In fact, more and more subjects are going digital to manage their brands, use computers, tablets, phones to do their jobs, use the cloud to transfer their data, and rely on automation for their management.

Additionally, advances in new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies are creating new real-time analysis and insight strategies that help those providing Customer Service solutions to define customer problems, identify them and predict where problems could arise.

The multiple benefits of proactivity in customer service

We all know that Customer Service plays a fundamental role in terms of brand reputation, or how the company is perceived by consumers. Having proactive customer service is the key to optimally respond to user expectations and guarantee them a comprehensive and satisfying experience.

There are many statistics that confirm what has been said:

-  70% of users have a more positive and favorable view towards brands that offer a proactive customer care service (Microsoft);

87% of customers want to be contacted for Customer Service requests proactively, therefore in advance (MyCustomer);

-  over a period of 12 months, the adoption of a proactive Customer Service leads to a reduction in calls to the call center by 20-30% (MyCustomer)

operating costs of a call center decrease by about 25% in one year (MyCustomer).

Pat's solutions for a proactive Customer Service

Customer Service today takes on an important value, which must be constantly strengthened and improved.

To help companies in the optimization and strategic organization of services, Pat proposes itself as a highly specialized technological partner, thanks to its software solutions. Pat's Service Management and Customer Service solutions concretely respond to this continuous search for innovation.

The introduction of the Engagent Bot in the Customer Service, for example, positively influences the quality of the service thanks to its proactive engagement, improving the reliability of the answers provided and the speed of taking charge of requests.