Infinite University: turn your passion for the ICT field into your job

PAT training courses have resumed, aimed at discovering new IT talents, in order to bring them to class for the "Infinite University" project.

It is a training course lasting 240 hours aimed at diploma-holders or new graduates, who want to specialize in the ICT field and be able to access a placement in the company.
The courses are divided into face-to-face lessons with internal and external trainers and self-training sessions, through the use of digital tools and specific e-learning platforms.

The idea of Infinite University was born in 2016, when PAT management decided to start this project, in order to train more specialized and qualified resources and therefore provide its customers with higher quality in their services.
The initiative to cultivate new professional resources has now resumed and will be carried out at the InfiniteArea Campus, a space for innovation, sharing and cultivation of talents.

More information and how to participate are available here.