2021 IT Service Management Trends

Trend ITSM 2021

Which IT Service Management trends are planned for this new year, that has just begun?

The globally scenario, experienced in 2020, with the pandemic outbreak, highlighted unprecedented changes in the way we work, often in remote or smart working mode, which had a strong impact on company organization and on service desk, in particular.

In some ways, last year allowed the company’s IT department, and specifically the service desk, to reassert its value to the organization and its employees.

In fact, one of the prerogatives that kept the IT and support teams very busy was helping with the migration of systems, used by office employees, to remote locations, thus playing a key role in companies’ timely business continuity responses.

Furthermore, it has been essential adding, modifying and evolving towards new services to be offered and guaranteed to employees, always providing assistance and support to accompany the delivery of these new services.

Which will be the IT Service Management trends to adopt, after these important changes that have already occurred?


4 Key IT Service Management Trends to follow

As reported in sector blogs, 4 are the IT Service Management trends, that will define service desk developments, in 2021.

  1. Optimizing the service desk for IT support success

This first trend highlights how you need to optimize your business processes, particularly IT and Service release ones. In fact, the pandemic situation has strongly impacted the health of businesses, so it's essential to recoup all those unnecessary costs. To do this, you need to optimize: not only to change the traditional ways of working, related to IT service delivery and support, but also to reflect the need for better, leaner, faster and cheaper IT support operations and results. This makes the required optimization a goal to consistently aim for.

Employees, due to their remote work, have an increased reliance on technology and a consequent need for IT services, to support them. Optimizing ITSM procedures, through a service desk that focuses on processes, will be the main trend for 2021.

  1. Digital workflows will replace manual processes

This second trend is a direct consequence of what was explained above.

The situation experienced in 2020 also highlighted this aspect: it is not possible to remotely work with efficiency, if internal processes depend on manual factors of certain business functions, such as human resources (HR), facility and business. As a consequence, most of business flows will have to be automated, extending service management, through the tool of ITSM, to all departments, to digitally transform and optimize operations and results, across the company. This trend, which is strongly linked to the first one, will involve not only the technology in use, but also the organization and internal procedures.

  1. Employee experience will drive service desk change

The importance of employee experience, as a feedback to the IT support received, has steadily grown over the past five years, but it has been particularly crucial over the past year, as a factor related to the need of optimizing IT service desk operations and results.

Smart working employee productivity drives and is linked to IT service desk optimization efforts, which will need to focus on increased support and service release productivity, to ensure a better and more effective experience for employees.

  1. Measuring service desk value

IT Service Management and Service Desk goals must be clear and measurable. This trend has long been stated, but never actually implemented, often resulting in a lack of value from the IT department. Instead, the experienced situation highlighted the importance of IT department, as a determinant and strategic part of the company.

This latter trend identifies the measurability of Service Desk value in terms of business-related benefits, such as:

  • high end-user productivity, even in remote mode
  • back office operations run efficiently and effectively
  • customers can constantly interact with your organization when, how and from where they want
  • the negative impact of technology-related issues, on business operations and results, is minimized.


HelpdeskAdvanced, the solution that responds to 2021 IT Service Management Trends

Pat's solution, HelpdeskAdvanced, correctly responds to the aforementioned trends.

Managing IT services with effectiveness is a strategic process, that affects the entire organization: IT investments must generate value for the company, respond to business needs and changes, properly manage risks and ensure high quality standards in provided services. HelpdeskAdvanced supports companies in aligning IT and business, enabling IT to provide reliable services and solutions which meet real business needs.

HelpdeskAdvanced automates and simplifies business processes and those related to the governance of IT services, generating value for users, whether they are company’s end-customers or employees.

Users will experience prompt, qualitative and customized services, improving productivity, even during remote work.