Pat: never stop learning

Pat believes that continuous training for its employees is a key factor of success. Strategic activity for the personal and professional growth of every employees, who can develop and acquire new skills.
The training delivery has been various (classes, e-learning platforms…) in order to meet the needs of everyone and to follow the motto:

never stop learning

Today, Pat decided to invest again in training by offering an English course for the whole company during the lock down phase.
Due to the actual national emergency, the training was delivered remotely without however affecting the quality and content of the course.

Different "classes" were identified based on the single preparation of each employee, each of which was guided by a native speaker teacher.
This initiative also provided an opportunity to get to know better your colleagues, meet them in a more informal context but above all it allowed a relation, even if remotely, between individuals during a complex period of forced isolation.

This project was highly appreciated by the whole structure