Chatbot for WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams: Automate the support!


Chatbots are an extremely useful technology, to automate conversations with users and customers: equipped with Artificial Intelligence and exploiting the Machine Learning, they understand users' questions and provide customized answers, based on the request.

As authentic assistants, they simulate a real conversation, covering different business areas, from Sales, to Customer Service. In E-commerce, for example, they can provide assistance to the customer, during his entire purchase path; while for Customer Care, they can assist users 24/365, responding to requests, complaints and reports.
Chatbots are, therefore, an automated tool for interaction, between company and user: dialogue and interaction take place in natural language. These tools can accompany customers, in a path of solid relationship with the company.

Today, they are also applied in commonly used instant messaging systems: Messenger, WhatsApp, Microsoft Teams, Telegram, Skype and Slack are the main messaging Apps, in which the Chatbots operate. This is done to ensure the support to the customer, through the Apps they are most confident with.

Engagent Virtual Assistant integrates with WhatsApp and Microsoft Teams

Engagent is the Virtual Assistant that, thanks to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) system and BOT, allows you to interact, in real time, with customers and proactively provide the service, information and virtual assistance they need.
Engagent has been designed to improve the experience of customers and users, by interacting through the different touch points they decide to use. The omnichannel features include: Messenger, Phone, Email, Telegram, Microsoft Teams and WhatsApp, too.
These Apps, in particular, allow reaching and interacting with your users, right on those platforms they already use in their daily lives, both in the work environment and not. A new connection opportunity, both in Marketing & Sales and on the Customer Care side, to offer a Customer Service closer and closer to the needs.

Microsoft Teams and Engagent:

Used by more than 13 million daily active business users, it is certainly the most widespread collaboration platform.
Engagent chatbot solution, within Microsoft Teams' App section, offers the possibility to provide assistance to users, by sending proactive notifications. It will be possible to send them surveys, even automatically, regarding the level of service of a product or service provided, or support them in changing passwords or other technical problems.
Improve the interaction and the quality of conversations!

WhatsApp and Engagent:

WhatsApp is the App with the most extensive coverage, and it is now present on all smartphones, always at your fingertips.
Thanks to the integration with Engagent, the user can submit requests that will be understood by the Machine Learning engine, which will provide the most suitable answers, in natural language.
The experience, totally self-service and in real-time, offers a simple and always available service for users.
The interactions offered can be the most disparate. For example, you can provide support, during the shipping and delivery of materials and goods: showing the real-time-location on a map, indicating the reference person to contact and even sending documents to sign, directly via WhatsApp.
This is just one scenario available: you can train Engagent to answer to the needs of your users, not leaving them alone anymore and ensuring an interactive support 24 hours a day.