Pat’s virtual assistant supporting the 28.000 customers of Zucchetti INFINITY HR solutions

The Zucchetti Group is the first Italian IT company, with over 350.000 customers, more than 5.500 employees and a distribution network of 1.500 partners worldwide. It has chosen to activate a virtual assistant in 2017 to support the after-sales services of its own Infinity HR solution.

The motivation for the adoption of a chatbot solution is providing customers with a valid after-sales support able to answer common technical questions, reducing the overall inbound generated by the channels of traditional assistance.

The solution adopted: a virtual assistant to support customer service

Pat’s chatbot, Engagent, offers the new 24/7/365 support channel providing real-time answers to Zucchetti INFINITY HR solutions.

Engagent is an intelligent assistant who has the ability to learn from the questions submitted by customers and to manage new topics in a flexible way. After about two years from the adoption of the platform, its database of recognized topics has grown significantly:: about 30% of the contents have been created on the basis of customer questions, thus improving accuracy of reply.

Today the chatbot is able to respond independently to 60% of the questions asked by Zucchetti customers and manages about 1000 monthly interactions.

The great value of the project, called “HR Virtual Assistant“, is being able to offer a high-performance after-sales service, easy to use and simple to access by customers. When providing an answer, The chatbot may suggest to also display video tutorials or a specific resource in the document area.

Furthermore, the chatbot proves to be a valid support in request peaks, such as the release of a major release or during legislative changes.

The head of post-sales services HR Zucchetti, Bruna Piceni, declares:

While deploying the “HR Virtual Assistant” project, based on the Engagent chatbot, we were confident to be able to provide our customers with an innovative user experience that would meet their expectations.

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