Patrizio Bof presents BeProf at the annual ConfProfessioni Congress in Rome

Next November 21th, at the Auditorium Antonianum in Rome, the annual congress of the Italian Confederation of Liberal Professions (ConfProfessioni) will be held addressing the following theme:

Back to the future, Professions in the digital age.

The national congress of liberal professions is an established event meant to gather a constantly evolving, strategic economic sector for our country, highlighting its growth trends and the needs for supporting its development process with respect to the overall economic development of the country.

This year the Conference’s theme will be: “From the digital strategy of professions to ad hoc policies for the development of the Country. Great expectation for of BeProf ” and will address the issue of growing digitalization, which is also strongly involving the professional sector.

The program of the congress includes several institutional and in-depth interventions, hosting distinguished guests such as the Minister for Regional Affairs, the Minister for Parliamentary Relations, the Deputy Minister Mef, the Undersecretary Mef and the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor.

During the afternoon session, called “The future begins today: BeProf an ecosystem of innovative services for professions” will be presented the innovative platform BeProf, a project technically developed by Pat. Speakers will present and illustrate the functionality of the platform: Luca De Gregorio, project manager of BeProf and Patrizio Bof, president of Pat, a Zucchetti Group company.

Further information on the 2019 Confprofessioni Congress are available here.