Chatbot in automotive sector: it transforms purchase or rental experience

Chatbot automotive

How can a Chatbot transform the customer experience in automotive sector, improving, speeding up and customizing purchase or rental process?

By automating search processes and analyzing browsing preferences, chatbots give customers a personalized experience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Chat and direct messaging systems have long been commonly and frequently used by customers, to contact companies and brands of interest. Almost the 90% of consumers, in fact, wants to communicate using these technologies and feels reassured by the fact they can contact the company through chat, especially during selection and purchase phases.

Chatbots are virtual assistants that can improve lead engagement, facilitate profiling contacts, support customer care and guide the customer in the purchasing stages. For this reason, they are based on a technology that has a strong appeal on companies in any sector and activity: from e-commerce to travel, from food to finance.

However, we don’t have to forget that Chatbots can bring advantages even in automotive sector!

Why are automotive chatbots transforming the customer experience?

Even in automotive sector, the introduction of chatbots with conversational intelligence systems can be a winning strategic choice. Further to improve customer experience, reaching it in the preferential contact channel, which is more direct and immediate, chatbots can help and address them, for example in the online configuration of the ideal vehicle, they can propose special offers or Test Drives, linking it to the reference car dealer or to the nearest one.

Therefore, the chatbot can drive both online and in-store traffic, offering a favourable scenario for the company-customer relationship.

Here are the main reasons why chatbots are transforming the customer experience in the automotive sector:

  1. Proactivity and customization of the web service: the dealers' or "rent a car" websites offer a lot of information, during the browsing of a user, but they are often static and non-personalized. A Chatbot, instead, collects customer preferences, even those which are not expressed, but can be deduced from its navigation and it transforms them into a targeted and precise offer, which can personalize the experience and help the conversion, directly at the retailer or car rental.
  2. Ready answers, without stress: before an important transaction, such as the purchase of a car or a long-term rental, consumers want to get informed and collect all necessary information, getting really prepared for the purchase phase. A chatbot can automatically generate answers to specific requests, such as consulting stocks, supplying special options or conditions relating to payments and financing. These answers generate a positive experience, creating real satisfaction to the customer, who will know he has received information relevant to his questions, before the actual conclusion of the purchase.
  3. Self-service availability 24/7: modern digital customers use to look for information in complete autonomy, in their spare time and, therefore, they don’t necessarily have to respect the times of a dealership or a call center. Their expectation is to access the information they are searching for, in an easy way. A chatbot, in the automotive sector, is the appropriate technology to offer a self-service service available 24/7, which can gather customer's digital expectations and offer a meaningful experience.


Chatbots for car dealerships: what can a chatbot like Engagent do for car sales and rentals?

Integrated with your website or social channels, Engagent, Pat's chatbot, provides useful information to your customers in total autonomy.

Based on a series of pre-configured processes, Engagent can answer to various online user requests, such as: picking up a car, configuring it, arranging a rental service, managing appointments for "test drives", maintenance, workshop service, overhauls or vehicle pick-ups. As a virtual sales assistant, it can also propose certain offers, in an immediate and completely automatic way.


Marco Cerrato, Web Marketing and Acquisition Manager of Arval Italia, for example, tells us:

“We wanted a solution that would enhance user engagement on the web, improving the relationship and qualifying them more. We identified Engagent, by Pat, as the right solution to support us in our new digital strategy and customer experience optimization.”

Discover the benefits measured by Arval, through the inclusion of the virtual assistant, reading the success case. Learn more about Engagent's functionalities and ask for a demo.