The future directions of the service desk – part 1

What about the future Service Desk? In the coming years we will experience some important changes in Service Desk management reflecting social changes that are taking place globally.
Howard Kendall and Daniel Wood, respectively founder and researcher at the Service Desk Institute describe these future changes in their report “The Service Desk 2017 & Beyond”. The two experts highlighted how “user experience” and “quantitative and qualitative analysis” of Service Desk will have increasing relevance in te ability to make Service Desks activities profitable.

We describe below the main four future developments that the two experts are expecting within future Service Desk applications:

  1. Mobility: is a growing trend, so are plans to give users and agents the ability to operate on the move, to quickly access the Service catalog, to rapidly process the activities and tasks related to the assigned services, check in real-time the status of their requests and operate in a Self Service environment. Service Desk will not be limited by time or location.
  2. Self-Help: users can be reassured and reduce human support using self-servicing options. This trend corresponds to the actual need of the users to get quick effective answers, immediate feedback about the business services and applications they use.
  3. Centric Business Service: Service Desk will evolve its distinctive nature and will be designed to become the primary interface for clients. It will represent the single point of contact through which the business and its users will not only receive support but also information and guidance about their required services.
    Service Desk will also allow IT and the business to measure the level of its offered efficiency and its quality.
  4. Change Management: Change is at the heart of the digital transformation times we are living, this is why Service Desk will provide governance and optimize such changes…. Service Desk will become the main innovation driver.

The Service Desk of the future, according to Kendall and Wood will increasingly become the most used interface through which the Executive Manager will be able not only to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the IT department work but also the impact that the IT Services will have on the overall business

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