Ima Group automates its IT Service Management worldwide with HelpdeskAdvanced

Pat’s solution is the core platform chosen by the Ima Group to automate its IT Service Management allowing to standardize the management and release of services for the approximately 6,000 Group users.

IMA Group, world leader in the design and manufacture of automatic machines for the processing and packaging of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food, tea and coffee, has choosed Pat’s experience to centralize and standardize its services with a software solution able to manage around 30,000 incidents per year. It also provides a unified support for all 6,000 Group users, located in Italy and around the world.

Following the quick expansion of IMA Group over the last few years, the management of centralized IT services has become more and more complex for the IMA team, requiring a big step forward in terms of structuring services and standard procedures. A few years ago, IMA users were 70% based in Italy and belonging to the same infrastructure, but in the last period, requests came from many different channels, not all supervised and not all integrated.
In this evolutionary context, IMA Management has experienced the need to structure a standard and traceable resolution process: therefore, the Ima Group automates its IT Service Management worldwide using HelpdeskAdvanced platform.

HelpdeskAdvanced coordinates and manages multichannel services, requests, and incidents, and manages standard specific processes such as Incident, Asset and Facility Management. With the introduction of the web portal for users, IMA has been able to structure a detailed Portfolio and Services Catalog, through which each user, from any division or branch abroad, can easily navigate and identify the type of request to be made.

We relied on Pat’s experience and thanks to the HelpdeskAdvanced core platform, we redefined a new standardized and centralized operating model, which aims constantly to improving user experience. With Customer Portal, the new web channel for users, over 40% of the reports are opened and categorized in self-service mode, that previously were handled via mail or phone, with a large overload of operators. The tool has been instantly appreciated by users who use it with satisfaction in self-service mode and by the same operators that have improved their quality of work.

Ing. Salvatore La Malfa, IT Performance Analyst.