From the first contact each interaction is an opportunity for the company

The Customer Service is considered one of the most difficult phase in the interaction between brand and customers, mostly if it isn’t well managed the clients can feel frustrated. The company should conceive that from the first contact each occasion to dialog and to discuss with the users is a unique opportunity to astound the customers.

Time is one of the most important value through which the customers can judge the service provided and its quality. For this reason, the company should make every effort to guarantee the Customer Service‘s promptness and simplicity that can contextualize the needs and expectations that surface. Therefore the brand should be ready to address in the best way from the first contact to the main speaker, the customer. From that moment and from this interaction, the company put its reputation, confidence and reliability at stake. For the brand this occasion is a real opportunity.

In this period the Customer Service knows that it’s necessary to face the impatience, the digital frenzy and social dynamism of the clients and so it should manage all the occasions where it’s easy to disappoint the customer’s expectations because of a bad or delayed service.
The companies can’t drop their guard in this background which can be seen and judged from everybody, especially from the clients who want to share their opinions, considerations and experiences on the social and digital platforms.
Jeff Bezos quotes “If you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends”. That’s why the companies should adapt and plan each relationship with the customers and the entire customer service, adopting new strategies and technologies that will meet the expectations of the customers.

If the client at the first interaction with the Brand doesn’t meet an answer that reflects his expectations, or doesn’t receive a quick feedback, he will start looking for other solutions (the competitors). The result is that the company will miss some chances and opportunities, that’s a negative consequence.

If we read the results published by the research Accenture Global Consumer Pulse, 91% of the interviewees says that they need to contact the company several times for the same reason; 90% have to hold the line for a long time before receiving an answer from the Customer Service; 89% can’t obtain a resolution to the problem.

This report shows a daily panorama which is unfortunately diffused and that leads to an high dissatisfaction.

The analyst Forrester Kate Leggett in her article It’s All About Differentiated (Digital) Experiences” explains how the customers would like to get in touch and interact with the brand in the easiest way possible, buying and receiving an appropriate service without difficulties. 72% of the clients thinks that the most important thing of the customer care is the time enhancement that the companies dedicate to the interaction with the clients. That’s a precious value which is reinforced by the customer’s trust and loyalty.

The companies should try to reduce the difficulties and the problems that the customers can meet when there’s a contact with the brand. The resolution is the introduction of channels or applications that can help an efficient and quick interaction and that can give the right answer expected by the client. Those applications called Chat Bot respond to the client’s needs in the customer service’s context: the interaction from the first contact and of the optimization of the dialogue.

PAT offers the innovative Chat Bot Engagent, which allows the companies to increase the quality of the Customer Experience and Customer Service processes. Engagent, based on NLP (Natural Language Processing) Engine and on machine learning procedures, chats in real-time with the users who surf the web, the mobile app or the social page and that need support or information about the services offered by the brand.
Engagent can offer a quick, complete and self-service support, due to the Bot which manage the engagement and proactiveness rules (in the form of different widgets). Engagent can offer support for the most frequent requests, while the complicated problems that need an human intervention are managed by the human operators who can be involved in the discussions with customers.
An application which allows the companies to build positive experiences at each interaction and also to create important opportunities with the customers.