We serve our clients: Customer Portal is now live!

Starting today, Monday October 3, our Customer Portal is live! The new portal will enable access to Pat services, and add a new channel of communications and interacting with our help desk.

Customer Portal is the new fast-track access to our customer service and will replace, over the next few months, our email service while limiting our telephone service, which will remain active for customers with dedicated access and urgent cases or escalations. Customer Portal is the fastest and easiest way to access our services: requests are directly entered into our Service Management systems and worked in the shortest possible time; speeding up waiting times and issue resolution. The portal allows customers to track progress, add information or provide answers, interact with our team until the issue is resolved.

Our goal is to improve our customers experience whilst providing support, and ultimately deliver a high level of satisfaction!

Customer Portal has been designed and created exactly with the above objective in mind: facilitate the use of a 24/7 self-service system which is really user friendly! Emails and phone calls will be rapidly replaced by this new easy and fast service system, where each user can constantly monitor requests, access product manuals, consult FAQ’s, review information and product developments, dialogue with the Engagent virtual assistant, read our Services Catalog and much more!

Customer Portal is available to you by clicking here!