The strategic change of IT Service Management starts from the User Experience

Companies that provide and manage IT services (IT Service Management, ITSM) are adopting new approaches, which are getting close to offer user experiences similar use to those lived in the consumer world.
It’s now clear that a strategic improvement can happen only if the needs of business users are fulfilled by providing them with the experiences of use they expect, thus providing a value in the experiences of use and relevant interactions, that can support their productivity.
To be able to rely on interactions as positive as possible, it is necessary to adopt a modern approach to the distribution of User Experience (UX) using the most appropriate channels. But not only that, it is also necessary to have adequate systems to provide IT structured experiences to the users that enable them to easily solve any problems, without hindering their habitual work.

For an effective management of User Experience is necessary to combine technologies that:

  • include the users’ favorite channels, including self-service systems and direct interaction
  • systems that automate the procedures, in order to reduce errors and accelerate resolution times of problems or requests

IT organizations that aims to this strategic change oriented to the User Experience can count on tangible improvements in efficiency, productivity and user satisfaction.