The Key indicators for a CRM System

The CRM is a tool that must be fully used in the company: is first a centralized storage of information of multiple departments, from sales to marketing, but also is an organizational and strategic business system that must be used properly to get profit.
Several can be the indicators, called KPI (Key Performance Indicators), that can be examined and that allow you to evaluate the performance of the teams and the company efficiency. We list the main ones:

Timing: analyze if customers are contacted according to the defined deadlines. It is crucial to have scheduled deadlines for specific actions on clients or on new prospects, in order to keep alive the relationship with a client. With the CRM it is possible to monitor every interaction with each contact.

Engagement activities: to measure the response rate of the leads that respond to marketing campaigns and analyze their response behaviors. This indicator will highlight the most appropriate engagement models to be implemented both at the level of the media and promotions; based on their responses to certain actions, conversion and purchase you can choose the best activities for each lead to increase efficiency of the system.

Response time: measure continuously, especially during lead generation process, how long does it take to contact (with email, chat or phone) the potential customer. This parameter is an important data that reveals the correlation between contact time and customer conversion rate.

Conversion rate: track how many actions and engagement and marketing activities brings to a conversion to understand if they are really effective. This parameter is a key indicator to correct any kind of communication or promotion.

Funnel abandonment rate: analyze how often the potential customers abandon the funnel is significant to understand which are the situations that needs to be solved or improved. On the other hand, if abandonment rate is low it means that the actions are working and satisfy customers expectations.

The CRM must be a useful system not only to gather information and catalogue them, but mainly to allow to understand through the indicators if the marketing and sales efforts are successful or not, this helps to identify which are the best future strategy and actions.

The Pat solution InfiniteCRM is one of the more stable platforms of Customer Relationship Management in the Italian and international market. It’s a suitable solution to enhance the most important asset of any company, in any industry or size, its clients.