IT investments for business transformation

The annual Assintel Report does an analysis of the investment priorities of enterprises in information technologies taking a picture of current trends and predicting the behavior of IT companies for the next year.
The first fact that emerges from Assintel Report is the overall increase of the IT spending of 3.1%, indicating that investments in this sector are fundamental and considered strategic for corporate growth and for the business transformation.
The report also shows that these investments are not only related to new technologies used by the IT department, but are increased especially if they brings to a true digital business transformation. In this context, investments are focused on solutions related to the customer experience including, in addition to the CRM, those related to security and privacy of data, to ensure navigation experience with maximum safety, Big Data and their advanced analysis. In the Customer Experience context, the expense also involves all projects related to social business (Digital Marketing, Social Media and Multi-channel) together with the technologies related to the use of services and solutions with mobile devices.

One important fact concerns all the investments for innovation, which reaches 36% of the IT budget and therefore represents a sign of maturity of the companies towards the awareness that evolution, modernization and innovation are related to the development, expansion and transformation in IT for the Customer Experience.