InfiniteCRM and MagNews Integration: really effective email marketing campaigns

Sending newsletters and DEM (Email Marketing) is an extremely common and strategic way of communication for companies which want to keep their customers or prospects informed about new products, promotions, events, etc. For this reason, email generation should be simple, effective and fast.

Pat’s InfiniteCRM has a new integration with MagNews tool for creating and sending email campaigns, extremely versatile and rich of features, full of Mobile responsive templates easy to customize.
The integration between the two platforms is expected to offer significant business opportunities through user-friendly and customer oriented software tools.

Enterprises using InfiniteCRM will have a new system to send and monitor email marketing campaigns, all this in one single place.
With MagNews you can build your email communication and manage the message delivery, generate data reports (open rates, clicks and reports) directly into InfiniteCRM.
The integration of the two platforms allow the marketing department using InfiniteCRM to plan and target campaigns or individual activities and profile the behavior of the specific user who has received your message.