Accessing all information and data on service governance performance levels provides your IT department, and the company in general, with a detailed and up-to-date overview of the quality and efficiency levels obtained thanks to Service Management.

Reporting and Analysis are vital tools for monitoring, measuring and analysing objectives, and guaranteeing a high-quality services to users. Producing Reports that highlight important data on the status of current governance activities and analysing key performance indicators for managing and delivering services support the IT department - and the company - in managing their day-to-day operations serving users. Information gathered is an important indicator for making decisions and gleaning understanding on the aspects that require improvement and investment.

The HelpdeskAdvanced Reporting and Analysis tools allow you to measure all aspects of your Service Management performance, and analyse important indicators for evaluating the level and quality of service governance operations.

Based on predefined models, HelpdeskAdvanced enables the configuration of Reports, Dashboards and Graphics in just a few clicks, through which you can monitor all key Service Management information.

Each strategic aspect of Service Management is monitored: analysis of service provision performance and levels; reports on the types, status and KPIs involved in managing Incidents, Problems, Changes, and Asset Management; trends in the operation of IT resources, and analysis of User Satisfaction levels.

Reporting & Analysis help desk

Measure your performance levels to gain on-going understanding of how to improve.

Identify performances that help you understand levels of quality and efficiency attained.