Project Management is the set of activities required to complete a project and achieve its goals, and aims at bringing about the benefits and added value that the project was designed to achieve. Project Management guarantees that project goals are achieved, ensuring the project stays within well-defined limits in terms of scheduling, investment and quality. At the same time, it optimises the engagement of the resources required to run the project.

HelpdeskAdvanced allows you to manage projects in different business areas and, with the help of Gantt charts, define the specific deadlines, check-points, and progress status of individual activities, tasks and sub-tasks assigned to the key resources in charge of completing them.

HelpdeskAdvanced displays staff workloads, and ensures optimum management and a clear view of the operational tasks and managed processes to complete projects in line with predefined timeframes, methods and costs.

Project & Resource Management help desk

Enhance project visibility and target achievement.

Obtain maximum efficiency and achieve your objectives faster.

Optimise activities and operation of resources involved in the project.

Guarantee that quality, time and cost targets are met.