Opportunity Management is the set of procedures involved in managing business dealings that support the sales force. You can instantly identify the opportunities on which business time and energy focus, through visualising progress of business dealings, types of activities undertaken, sums and probability that opportunities will become successfully concluded deals.

InfiniteCRM creates all automatic procedures for generating and managing business dealings, whilst identifying key features to move opportunities onto the next level efficiently; from products to price lists, from product codes to sales terms, from discounts to progress reports.

InfiniteCRM tracks the progress of business dealings and examines key information that the Opportunity Management process releases and shares with relevant commercial agents. The sales force can manage all opportunities with ease, and effectively transform them into orders.

Opportunity Management crm

Create, manage and track your commercial opportunities quickly, to reach your goals more rapidly.

Effortlessly run all phases of commercial opportunity management, making the most of your time and resources.