Every day we see and experience new approaches, scenarios and business models based on systems and methods increasingly reinforced by the social networks. The Social component is becoming more and more established in corporate organisations and, specifically in the fields of internal communication and collaboration, i.e. the intranet.

These days we speak of the Social Intranet because the simple company intranet is no longer sufficient. In today's scenario, where time is short, work is increasing and budgets must be continually optimised, it is key for businesses to improve relationships between people (between employees, and between employees and customers) optimising the ways in which they work, communicate and collaborate. Using a social intranet means enhancing the socio-relational component of your company which drives corporate productivity.

If one thing has become clear from the setting up and expanding of social networks, it is that business is made through relationships.

Teammee is a Corporate Social Intranet platform, or Enterprise Social Network, which implements a new corporate approach to work, bringing people to the foreground and promoting their skills, accumulated experience and relationships. This is the ideal tool for reducing mass email and univocally sharing business know-how.

Teammee allows you to work smart, listening to people and giving them the attention they need with modern communication tools and the same degree of user-friendliness of the most popular social networks, thereby further empowering people and enhancing their results.

With Teammee you can send fewer emails and post more; you can comment, share, “like”, tag and use hashtags. Use Teammee to speed up communication for greater Employee Engagement and to improve corporate efficiency.

Social intranet

Improve internal communication and collaboration with your employees, both between themselves and with customers; optimise corporate time and costs.

Improve access to internal information creating a single repository of material, documents and corporate know-how.

Introduce and encourage the concept of “reputation” to effectively combat company role flattening and as part of your employee engagement strategies.

Enhance your work team’s collective intelligence to achieve your goals faster and more efficiently.

Plot a route from listening to communicating, speeding up the processes of internal staff selection.

Improve the competitiveness of your business, constantly innovating and developing ideas on products and services through continuous dialogue and interaction between people.