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The digital complexity and how to manage it

In a dynamic and highly fragmented context as the digital world, it is very difficult for companies to know how to reply properly to the needs of their customers and make them live a satisfying digital experience. Different and changing factors affect the behavior of digital customers: the variety of devices used, the fragmentation and the continuing increase of data sources and touchpoints.
How companies have to move to face successfully the challenges of the digital world? And are them already moving?

According to a recent study conducted by Forrester Consulting, the main difficulty is that companies fail to deliver optimized digital experiences, problem related to the lack of a unified view of customers across all available channels. Most CEOs (the 68% in Italy) confirms this view and recognizes that many existing commercial approaches are ineffective, because are operating in a fragmented way on customer management and the priority was given to quickly increase the budget to recover the gap related to digitization and to improve the customer experience.

The knowledge of customers is therefore the main focus: a significant growth will only be possible for companies heavily concentrated on the customer and his knowledge. Optimize digital experiences is a top priority for more than four directors out of five (82%), that believe that the in the next step is essential to analyze the collected knowledge to define the best strategic decisions that will be implemented. For the 86% of Italian companies in the second place of the ranking of priorities there is the data analysis capabilities, which must be handled properly transforming the vast amounts of customer data into strategic information, that help promoting sales to obtain higher profits.
Third important aspect in the digital ecosystem is to leverage automation to optimize business processes. Only 13% of companies in this complicated moment are automating their processes to speed and improve the management of information about clients.